Simple TPN

Simple TPN is a total parenteral nutrition calculator for iOS, iPhone and iPad. The app simply allows you to calculate basal energy requirements, BMI, protein, glucose, and lipids. It even works as a "TPN concentrator", allowing you to calculate the minimal volume needed to mix the TPN given the concentrations provided.




Height and weight entries can easily be converted from Imperial to Metric or vise versa simply by pressing the other form.


Basal energy can then be multiplied based on clinical factors.  BMI is calculated as well. All values are saved and passed on for later calculations and for the totals screen


Choose your protein concentration. Then base the protein amount either on by kilocalories/kilogram/day, grams of protein/kilogram/day, or kilocalories to ratio of grams of nitrogen.  The other two values are automatically calculated based on the one you choose.

lipids and fluids

Choose your lipid concentration. Prepackaged amounts of 250 and 500 milliliters  are available or choose amount based on the percentage of total calories.


Calculate total fluid volume based on milliliters per kilogram. You can also "concentrate" the TPN by choosing minimum volume. This will calculate the smallest volume possible to mix the TPN. This is based on the concentrations and amount of values chosen in the previous categories.



All the previously calculated values are then compiled on the totals page. These can be conveniently saved to the camera roll for later review. A patient name or identifier can be applied so that multiple TPN profiles can be saved.

Simple Feeds

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